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Our last night in Barcelona.  Very sad. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Barcelona! 

We saw Gaudi’s Basillica today. He incorporated nature with his work. When you walk into the Basillica, it feels and looks as though you are in the forest. The colors of the stained glass windows are fitting with the sun rising and setting on the appropriate sides. Please google Gaudi’s Sagrada. It is one of the most spectacular pieces of work we have seen. The goal is to have it completed by 2026. (I took a gazillion photos, but a photo doesn’t seem to do justice!

Barcelona is filled with churches,  cathedrals, museums. There are outdoor cafes everywhere. It is very common to see people pulling their suitcases behind them! it is great people watching!

We went to a great tapas bar tonight. You have a glass of wine or beer along with a plate of tapas.  You can go up to the bar and pick your tapas or simply pick them off the plate as the waiter walks by. When it is time to pay your bill, bring your empty plate to the cashier. He/she counts your toothpicks (2.1 euro per tapa). Bob, Helen, Chuck, and I all agreed,  it was a great dining experience!  To top it off, we had gelato on the walk back. And Al Molde, we had your favorite,  strattichelli.(sp)

Saturday,  May 6th,2017

We docked in Barcelona yesterday.  We found where our hotel was located and did the hop on/hop off bus. 
We left the ship this morning and checked into our hotel apartment. Today we continued on the hop on/hop off bus. Later we went to the Picasso Art Museum.  Tomorrow we plan on doing the market and have tickets to see the Gaudi Basilica.

Barcelona is a beautiful city. The architecture is unbelievable.  A person could say this is Gaudi’s town!

I am going to try and post a picture of our hotel. (Thanks, Norm and Mary!)

Thursday,  May 4, 2017

Yesterday: Marseille is a huge city. Due to an unplanned stop and other cruise ships, it was more crowded.  We rode the hop on/stay on buses. People decided to stay on rather than hop off! Feel free to google Marseille.  I am not sure when I will get a chance to post photos.

Today we are in Toulon, France. We are actually docked in La Seyne and need to take a water shuttle across. It seems cool today. I think I will be wearing my down jacket.

There is a Presidential election going on here. Voting takes place on Sunday.

Tomorrow: Barcelona.

Saturday: Get off the ship. Spend two days in Barcelona.  Fly back to U.S. on Monday.

Interesting story.

We are at a Burger King using wi/fi and the bathroom. It is 3 stories.  You need to show your receipt in order to use the bathroom. A code is printed on your receipt. There is a touch pad on the outside (like a car wash). There was also a person “manning” the door when I was up there. I must say, this Burger King is a zoo!! It is packed full of people! 

Wednesday,  May 3, 2017

Yesterday was a “sea” day. We were scheduled to arrive in Monte Carlo today, but due to bad weather-high winds and high waves, our itinerary was changed. We are spending the day in Marseille. Marseille is one of France’s oldest cities.  It is the largest port city in France and also the largest port on the Mediterranean. 

Today is 5/1/2017.

We are in Palma De Mallorca. Beautiful day. We did a bike tour around the island. I think I will have to post my photos later. Will give it a whirl. Our tour guide reminded us of Michael Keller. (Fyi: Al and Ingrid)  

Palma sits on the south coast of the island of Mallarca, the largest of the four Balaeric islands which lie off the East coast of Spain. It has 300 days of sunshine a year! 



I apoligize for my fast posts. Wi-fi isn’t always easy to access! The wi-fi is too slow. I can’t post any photos. Dang.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

We will be spending the day in Cartegena, Spain. It is a beautiful,  sunny day!

Fish and chips.

Haddock fish. This is 1 regular order. We will share!